Being a Woman is Hard

Okay, I’m sure there is someone out there saying to themselves, “Who cares?”, “No shit!”, or “You’re damn straight!”

My point is some days it just sucks to have to deal with the daily day -to- day  of being a female. Especially when you are a full-time working Mother. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Its hard to be there for everyone when you are dealing with so many things either from work, personal relationship or even with the thoughts in your head. You always have to strive to be the best, never better, you have to be The Best! No, I am not putting a unrealistic expectation out there and I know Mom’s, women out there will agree. We have to be the best at everything.

And there you are being the best at everything and then it happens, the one thing you were least afraid of or even thought would happen……………………………………………

You are not appreciated. 😦

Today, I ask every and anyone please take time out of your day to show any woman in your life that you appreciate her.

Whether it be for her wisdom, help, love, grace, etc. But, most importantly  let her know you appreciate her for her time because you then in turn are acknowledging that that has been time well spent.12243272_10208535630413985_1743237572936814312_n


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