Depression and When It Is Time to Let Go

Hold on! You can let go of depression Aronda? Quickly, show me the way. The pill. Show me how to let go of depression already woman!!!!!!!!

Now, now children we ALL know that one can not simply let go of depression. If so, many of us would live and love carefree and never worry about her ugly head ever leering into our existence.

What I was referring to is people who live and suffer,( Yes, I said suffer!) with depression and when it is time to let go of people that do not, can not, nor will not EVER understand depression or YOUR bouts with depression.

Being someone, one of the many people in the world who has lived with depression for as long as I can remember am tired………………

I’m tired of people. And hell sometimes depression can be triggered by people, but I am tired of people or the person you have explained your life and illness with that seem to just not get it! For whatever reason,(unbeknownst to me) they do not get it. You can explain it in the simplest way possible, write it down , create a diagram, any and everything for them to get an inkling of a idea of what you face either all the time or for fleeting episodes. And what about when you just don’t understand whats wrong with you at the moment?

Then it very well may be the time to let them go. I mean in a sense they have let you go, am I right? What is the point of holding on when in fact these people or person can not hold you in your time of need.


What is this “need” you speak of?

Understanding, respect and ultimately unconditional love.

Yes people with depression love and love to be loved too.

I remember in my early twenties I was going through a lot. My Mother died and I was empty and I was literally bed-ridden for weeks. Not because I am lazy or was terminally ill, but because I was depressed and could not face another day let alone sleep through the night. Months later I took myself to a center for treatment that was not really working for me.

So I had to say to myself,”Self you have these 3 children and yes you are alone and no one knows or feels what you feel, but you have to move forward.”

This was one of the best and possibly worse things I ever did to myself. Best because I put the power of my life back into my hands, but bad because I probably could have recovered from my depression without self-medicating  or retreating to my bed as a sanctuary of sleep.

No one ever understood that, only my children. As young as they were they were  probably the best therapists I ever had because for whatever reason it was they left me alone. Not like I abandoned them and they had to fend for themselves, but they were and continue to be understanding. I regret a lot of time I missed out with them because I shut them out, but they NEVER gave up on me.

Now back to letting go. Let go of people who refuse to understand or say things like, “You are always depressed about some shit!” “Let that shit go already!” or the ever annoying, “Why would you be depressed? or “Why are you depressed?”

Like I said in a sense they have let you go already because someone who loves you supports you without question. And if there are any questions they are to either get a better understanding of you or what you need at that time. So just let go. Let go Aronda.

“Okay, I’m letting go now. Are you ready?”



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  1. Angela says:

    You are never alone. I will always love and support you. But remember you have to seek help in order to receive it.

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    1. Absolutely! I’m getting better at it everyday. Some days are going to be better than others and are for the most part. I continue learning about myself and others and it makes it easier. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, everyone is not understanding. But, this is why I do what I do for a living because just doing what I do helps me.
      Thank you!


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