Wanted: The Missing

Do you remember me?

We use to be one.

I, the moon and you the sun.

But, we were broken.

Broken over time, especially our start.

I loved you more.

This was the only reason for us  to part.

Damn them all……
I damned the very thought.
So I put you away, determined that you would shine again.
And,now I am the only one here.
As the days turned into months
and months into years.
Seperated in order to survive.
It was the only way!
I did it so you could stay alive.
I miss your smile.
I miss your laugh.
I kept you safe away from it all.
Walked the line and took the fall.
Return now to your rightful place.
I no longer need to hide you with my other face.
We are one, we are the same.
I am you and you are me.

We share the same name.

I hid you away so you would not feel the pain.
I need you now!
Please come out!
The storm is over!
I scream, cry and shout!
I am you and you are me.
We made it!
It’s safe here now.



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